[Twisted-Python] Thinking Twisted (was Re: Need a mother?)

Stephen Figgins fig at monitor.net
Mon Mar 17 12:36:23 EST 2003

Itamar Shtull-Trauring wrote:
> "Stephen R. Figgins" <fig at monitor.net> wrote:
>>Maybe my thoughts on this are too patterned on Corba.  I am seeing
>>Twisted as a lightweight asynchronous event-driven alternative to
>>Corba, so I keep trying to map it to that: where is the POA?  Where is
>>the name server?
> Standard Twisted Feature Request Answer:

I hadn't meant those questions as requests for features.  I'm think my 
expecting these things to exist may be what is tripping me up.  Instead 
of trying to make twisted fit my mental model of distributed computing, 
I want to know the twisted approach to my problem.  Should I consider 
adding the functionality that fit's my model or is there another 
approach I should use instead?

By the way, I will let the company I am working with know about Zoteca. 
  HIPAA is an issue they need to work with on this project, and if they 
do go with a twisted solution, they might be interested in ZBE.


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