[Twisted-Python] Re-Occuring Operations

Clark C. Evans cce at clarkevans.com
Mon Mar 17 01:42:17 EST 2003

Hello.   I was wondering if there is anything which handles 
re-occuring functions; that is, an auto-rescheduler or
something of that nature.   Here is what I came up with,
I'm sure there is a shorter 'lambda' form, but I was
going for clarity here.

  class MultiRun:
      """ apply a callable while it returns true """
      def __init__(self, callable, waitInterval = 0):
          self.callable = callable
          self.waitInterval = waitInterval
          self.iterate(starting = 1)
      def iterate(self, starting = 0):
          if starting or self.callable():
              from twisted.internet import reactor
              reactor.callLater(self.waitInterval, self.iterate)

Something like this would be useful, it's already emerged in
two different contexts in my code:

   (a) a background operation (which never returns true)
       that runs every 5 minutes, 

   (b) an operation which keeps pooling a resource, if 
       the resource is busy it returns true, otherwise 
       it processes the resource and returns false to
       signal that it is done

Perhaps calling this an "Operation" would be good.



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