[Twisted-Python] greetings!

Robert W. Dumond robert at dumond.org
Thu Mar 13 09:13:39 EST 2003

hallo, everyone!  i just thought i would introduce myself, because i 
think i am going to be posting a lot of questions on this list.  i keep 
on reading how easy it is to program with your product, but my 
experience with python is very limited, and ,honestly, i really don't 
have that much time for it because of work.  i still put in plenty of 
time with it, though.  i love the language.  it beats the hell out of 
java, which i have to use everyday for work.  it really feels like i am 
playing instead of programming.  =-)

i also wanted to discuss with you my plans with my new found language. 
i am currently working for a startup.  i am designing their first 
project, and i am the sole programmer.  when our company starts hiring, 
i will be in charge of development, tech support, and q.a..  what i want 
is a centralized system to support all three of these departments.  i 
want a cvs, project management, bug tracking, bug assignment, tech 
suport logging, customer support log, registration server, update 
server, and document server (for emailing customers .pdf copies of the 
manuals).  i understand that this is a monumental task.  *shrug*  one of 
the things that i hated about my old job (besides management ;-) was 
that i had to use 5 programs to do everything i had to do.  it was a 
pain in the ass.  i don't want my crew to have to go through that stupid 
little hell.

(side track - oh, and yeah, i do know about zope.  i worked with it 
some, but i decided i would rather work with your product so i could 
work with pure python.)

right now, i am tightening up my python skills by going through some 
books.  so i thought i would send out this email, get some ideas on how 
to start (or maybe to stop =-P), and then start the design phase, and, 
who knows, maybe even write some test.  (i really just discovered unit 
testing.  i was out of the programming loop for about a year until six 
months ago.)

so, tell me, am i shooting too high?  is this feasible?  any thoughts 
you have would be greatly appreciated and thanked!


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