[Twisted-Python] small bugs

Bruce Mitchener bruce at cubik.org
Wed Mar 12 21:42:36 EST 2003

I've started using Twisted again finally, and found some small issues.

I don't have the time to fix them, but maybe someone else does.  Most of 
these are too small (and not worth the time) to put into the bug 
tracker, so here they are:

    * mktap -d and mktap -p don't appear to work (or at least
      they didn't do anything).
    * Spacing error in comments at start of
      listings/Twisted/Quotes/quotetap.py visible in the
      plugin howto.
    * lists/application/app3.py refers to a comment in
      doc/examples/echoserv.py that doesn't exist. visible
      in the application howto.
    * Copyright from twistd --version is still 2000-2002.
    * mktap --version doesn't output copyright info at all.
      (I didn't look at other utilities because I can't
      remember if any others exist.)

Also, the progression through the docs to get a .tap-based application 
up and running is confusing.  I figured I was writing a server, so I 
looked at the howto for that, then was pointed towards the application 
writing howto, and then finally that pointed to the plugin howto.  I 
eventually got to the right place, but it was a bit painful doing so. 
(and the stuff surrounding plugins.tml is still as confusing as it was 
in October and assumes too much Python knowledge about modules and so on.)

  - Bruce

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