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Wed Mar 12 20:01:41 EST 2003

For some reason `skeom' decided to send me this email. I guess he's
not on the mailing list, so please Cc: him in responses. Oh, and I
assume he means "zerocopy" rather than "zerocoy".

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From: ¾ö¼º±Ç <skeom at esolnet.net>
Subject: Hello......
To: <radix at twistedmatrix.com>
Importance: Normal

Hello.. I'm novice in python , especially twisted.

I havs one question.......

As you know, medusa is most famous development kit which supply
asynchronous socket ( zerocoy ), thread management, and so much
friendly function........
I herd that medusa can make more fast about 4 times or 10 times than
general python program using standard library.(unbelibable....)

Do twisted support zerocoy socket method?
And In your opinion, twisted is sufficiently competitive against
medusa in performance and any other part?

thank you for reading......^^

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