[Twisted-Python] Protocol dataReceived

Philippe Lafoucrière lafou at wanadoo.fr
Wed Mar 12 07:51:49 EST 2003


I hav a question about twisted.protocol. I want to create a new server, with 
its own protocol.
this would be :

[----]       [--]  [---------...-----------] |   [--] [--------....---] [00]

4 chars for a command (like prnt to "print")
2 chars for size a data1
n chars for data1
eventually 2 chars & n chars for data2, etc.
and 00 as end of line for example

The problem is that data1, data2, datan, would be binary data. 
I am not sure that it won't pose a problem in strings used with protocol 
(such end of string).

Someone can help me please ?

thank you

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