[Twisted-Python] Re: Twisted and wxPython on windows

Philippe Lafoucrière lafou at wanadoo.fr
Wed Mar 12 02:59:46 EST 2003

In documentation :

As with Tkinter, the support for integrating Twisted with a WxPython 
application uses specialized support code rather than a simple reactor.

from wxPython.wx import *
from twisted.internet import wxsupport, reactor

myWxAppInstance = MyWxApp(0)

And I have seen a wxsupport(app) in the API documentation, but can't find it 

Uwe C. Schroeder wrote:

> On Tuesday 11 March 2003 06:27 am, Ivo van der Wijk wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> I'm currently testing my python/twisted/wxWindows application under Win98
>> (development is done under Linux).
>> Has anyone tested this before?
>> The application is rather unresponsive sometimes, even with the
>> win32evenreactor installed.
>> Does anyone know if things will perform better under win2k?
>> I avoid touching Windows as much as possible, so I'm somewhat of a
>> newbie in this area (windows development and python under windows).
> The basic problem with wxPython and Twisted is the wxpython internal event
> loop. If you follow the demos and docs of Twisted (using wxsupport) your
> app will freeze whenever you open a menu or a modal dialogbox. This is due
> to the fact that wxWindows uses a different eventloop to handle this type
> of events. The wx main eventloop will suspend until the menu etc. closes.
> Using wxsupport this will also freeze the twisted eventloop.
> Ergo - nothing works until you close whatever popped up.
> I posted a recipe in the Python Cookbook (activestate.com) a while ago.
> Basically I solved the problem by running the normal wx eventloop and
> using timers to run the twisted events. just check it out. It's only
> tested on linux but maybe it helps you.
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