[Twisted-Python] updated defer.html in cvs

Clark C. Evans cce at clarkevans.com
Sat Mar 8 18:06:22 EST 2003

Hello.  I updated defer.html in CVS so that it has runnable
examples.  Also, in the first couple paragarphs it wasn't 
clear that Deferred actually doesn't defer execution, but
rather is a callback/errback handler mechanism.  So, I edited
a small chunk of prose to help reflect that.  {this particular
point threw me for a loop on my first reading when I was a newbie}

Anyway, I put a snapshot of the file on my site:
   http://clarkevans.com/defer.html  it doesn't have
any of the images, stylesheets, etc.  But, you can
grab the examples from there and run them.


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