[Twisted-Python] gtk2reactor still broken?

Federico Di Gregorio fog at initd.org
Thu Mar 6 18:24:11 EST 2003

Il gio, 2003-03-06 alle 21:13, Abe Fettig ha scritto:
> Hi folks,
> I just apt-get upgraded my python2.2-twisted (to verion
> 1.0.3+1.0.4alpha1) and python2.2-gtk2 (to version 1.99.15), and now the
> Twisted/GTK2 app I've been working on can no longer connectTCP - it gets
> a Timeout error every time.  Last month there was some discussion about
> a problem with th gtk2reactor and the latest pygtk builds, but
> supposedly the problem was fixed (see http://www.twistedmatrix.com/
> pipermail/twisted-python/2003-February/002762.html).
> It seems to me that the problem isn't fixed.  As a test I did 
> import gtk2reactor
> gtk2reactor.install()
> at the beginning of another twisted script, and it seemed to create the
> same problem.
> Is there anybody who is having success with gtk2reactor and the latest
> pygtk?

i apt-get updated yesterday and my application is still working right.
here are the versions i use:

ii  python2.2-twisted  1.0.3+1.0.4alpha1-1
ii  python2.2-gtk2     1.99.15-2

note that i don't use listenTCP on the Gtk2 client, only connect and
then a lot of remote calls. if you send me a minimalist example i'll
test it for you and try to fix bugs to my best (can't guarantee success
though, i am quite young to twisted..)

Federico Di Gregorio
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