[Twisted-Python] Twisted.Web as scgi client

Mike Müller pyp at gmx.net
Thu Mar 6 01:38:28 EST 2003


I am new to this list and twisted. I just played around with the howto 
setting up a web server with Twisted.Web serving static content, cgi and 
*.rpy. Works very nicely. I am impressed.
I also like Quixote. Running it as a cgi script has all the overhead of 
starting everything again for each request. It would be nice to have 
Twisted.Web act as scgi client 
(http://www.mems-exchange.org/software/scgi/) that redirects all requests 
to, lets say, www.mydomain.com/askscgi to the scgi server that is run by 
Quixote. This way I can use all of Twisted.Web or Quixote when I want. 
Since the scgi protocol is designed to be implemented more easily than 
FastCGI somebody might already have done something like this. Or is it 
planned to be done sometime?



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