[Twisted-Python] Waitable Timers and Events

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Wed Mar 5 19:34:54 EST 2003

I have what I think is a unique issue and hoping someone might be able to offer a suggestion.

PROBLEM:  Can't get Do/Loop and Timer/Loop to Exit

I have a static counter in the PAINT event to set up a trigger to call a Do/Loop.
This is done to allow the screen to be painted to a certain point and then the loop is designed to finish painting the screen in slow motion.

Once the Do/Loop is entered it is controlled (slow motion) by calling the Timer/Loop routine which uses SetWaitableTimer and MsgWaitForMultipleObjects to control the speed of painting and allow the user interface to still be active.

Everything works well.

----- Heres were the problem is:

If the program is to exited prior to the loop finishing,  the user clicks File/Exit.
A global structure variable was included in the loop in an attempt to quickly exit both the Do/Loop and the Timer/Loop, but whatever reason is never seen by the Loops prior to the call to unload the MDI form.  The system locks or generates an error.

Any ideas how to resolve?


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