[Twisted-Python] NT Service

Thad Jacobs tjacobs at kinematic.com
Wed Mar 5 13:15:37 EST 2003

Hello All,

I've created a module that makes COM calls to our non-sql database using
win32com, and converts the results to XML format (through simple string
concatenations).  I've created a rpy script that calls this module, and
returns the XML to the browser.

I am currently running the HTTP server per the introduction using the
command line.

My question:

How should I best deploy this application into a production environment?  It
will be running on an Windows 2000 server, and needs to automatically load
and run before anyone logs on in the machine.  Is there a way I can deploy
Twisted Web as an NT service?  Are there other web servers (besides IIS)
that can be configured to run my rpy script and still allow me to utilize
win32com in my class module?

Thanks in advance,

Thaddeus Jacobs
IT Developer
Kinematic Automation, Inc.
mailto:tjacobs at kinematic.com

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