[Twisted-Python] [Twisted Newbie] Proxies

Iggeres Bet iggeres at yahoo.es
Tue Mar 4 09:51:33 EST 2003

Dear Twisted List,

I am a Twisted Newbie, searching in the examples
directory I didn't find one sample to guide me how to
use the Spider with a Proxy.

I know it must be a simple solution and I would like
to know that solution.

The spider sample is very simple:

----- o -----
from twisted.web import spider
from twisted.web import proxy
from twisted.internet import app
from twisted.python.util import println
a = app.Application("spider")
s = spider.SpiderSender("spider", a)
s.maxDepth = 1
s.notifyDownloadStart = lambda uri:
println('starting', uri)
s.notifyDownloadEnd = lambda uri: println('stopping',
----- o ----

What is the code to use it beyond a proxy?

Thank You All

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