[Twisted-Python] twistedMoin ?

Michal Wallace michal at sabren.com
Mon Jun 30 21:52:34 EDT 2003

Hey there,

I wsa trying to get a MoinMoin instance running
through twisted today. It looks to me like MoinMoin
needs some refactoring to get it to work. Aat first
glance it seems to want to pass around a Request
object instead of grabbing certain things out of
global variables.

But... It also looks like it was working at some
point, and there seem to be a few places where it's
actually running out there on the web.

Is there a nonstandard MoinMoin somewhere? I'm
looking at the latest CVS version and latest 
release and both are definitely not ready. 
Or am I missing something? :)

Michal J Wallace
Sabren Enterprises, Inc.
contact: michal at sabren.com
hosting: http://www.cornerhost.com/
my site: http://www.withoutane.com/

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