[Twisted-Python] Big Shot

Glyph Lefkowitz glyph at twistedmatrix.com
Mon Jun 30 10:48:21 EDT 2003

Amir Bakhtiar, international man of mystery, has authorized me to offer 
a $100 bounty on a feature for Twisted.  We need a performance testing 
and regression tool.  Some parameters on its functionality: it has to 
have a graphical display of performance history.  It should be able to 
show at least three parameters: wall clock time, memory usage, and CPU 
usage.  The more, the better.  It should be able to rapidly show a 
developer the impact of a particular change on a performance metric.  
It will have to have at least a little integration with divmod and/or 
trial so that it can be run with the rest of the tests to produce a 
graph of where various bits of performance are going.  Last but not 
least, it would be _really_ nice if it included some actually 
meaningful metrics, like "HTTP requests per second", "IRC messages per 
second", "PB bytes per message".  One that I would personally really 
like to see is "reactor responsiveness" parameterized by various kinds 
of load.

I've written a little sketch which may give you some ideas in 
sandbox/timings.py.  Only one bounty is being offered, so if you're 
thinking about working on this, please discuss your intentions here!  
If two folks work together, you're welcome to split it, but if we get 
multiple implementations, only the "winner" (the one accepted for 
inclusion in Twisted) gets it.

So Long Space Cowboy...

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