[Twisted-Python] Storing site-wide information and scheduling tasks

Thomas Weholt ( PRIVAT ) 2002 at weholt.org
Thu Jun 26 09:50:22 EDT 2003


> Are you intending on pre-defining all the tasks the user might want to
> or are you expecting users to want to plugin random code?

What I'm making now is a sceleton for a IMHO *very* dynamic server :
1. pages ( ie. Resource-classes ) will be loaded at startup. They're located
in a specific folder. Nothing will be hardcoded. Each module can have
N-number of classes subclassing Resource and if they have a render-method it
will be added to the server. Something like :
/pages/test.py -> contains classes hello and goodbye which again have a
render method, will become available on the server as /test/hello.html and
I'm writing my own class to produce the content, which takes request,
response and server as parameter to the render-method, where server is a
persistent-data-holder and response is a object in which you store content,
content-type etc. which again will be used to produce the actual content
sent to server. Using request.write is for mye counter-intuitive, since the
server should be working on a response to send back. Just a thought. This
point might need some code examples to clarify. I'll try and make some code
available online later.

2. services. Like mentioned earlier webservices implemented in both xml-rpc
and soap. Define folder, it has a class of some sort with a lot of
rpc_<method-name> in it. I want to find some way of mapping those methods in
a generic XML-RCP and SOAP-resource so the server can respond to both type
of calls, but the definition/implementation of the method is stored in one
class, one time.

3. tasks. Once again, this will subclass one class and be in a seperate
folder, scanned at startup and run at times specified in the source-code of
the task, or better, in a config someplace.

[snip lots of cool-looking code I'll try as soon as this workday is over
:-) ]

Thanks alot for your help so far. I'll try and get some code online which
will make it easier to understand what I'm looking for.

Best regards,

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