[Twisted-Python] Using Guard and Woven (Newbie)

John Janecek jjanecek at telusplanet.net
Thu Jun 26 04:29:35 EDT 2003

I have been examining Twisted and it seems excellent.
The only problem is that twisted seems to require an adjustment in my 
thinking :)

Are there any examples somewhere on how to use.

Module twisted.web.woven.guard
Module twisted.web.guard

I am not too good with explanations and just prefer the code so i can 
figure out how it works
I have searched the web but obviously I am looking in the wrong places :)

basically right now what i would like to do is modify the Words server web 
so it requires a username/password to view it.

Would it be advantagous/possible to like convert it to a woven server, or 
am i out to lunch :)

Thanx in advance for reajusting my thinking ;)

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