[Twisted-Python] Getting Stories Straight (RPYs)

W.J. miathan at goliath.darktech.org
Wed Jun 25 05:19:00 EDT 2003

> is a perfectly sane short RPY which will allow you to code properly.
> However, I tend to dislike this kind of solutions. While in CGI,
> this kind of strategy makes sense, in real web applications, it
> starts to break down. My vague memories of using HTML::Mason
> and OpenACS indicate that at one point I was so tired of remembering
> which parts were cached and which parts weren't that I actually
> did restart the web server whenever I wanted to test my changes.

It all starts to make sense again with servers that combine several
services into one application, especially if some involve persistent
You don't want to bounce offline all users currently using the IMAP and
IRC servers every time you make a small change to a web page.

Or, if you have a large application which takes serious time to startup,
the waiting gets you mad in no time.

> I usually do my web development with a web browser open, and whenever
> I change I restart the server, and reload the page. Moving from two
> clicks per change to one doesn't seem worth remembering what's
> cached and what isn't, sorry... :)

The rebuild() solution mentioned by Christopher Armstrong mostly takes
care of that.
On-the-fly reloading can be hell, but the ubiquitous "server reboot" is
what I *really* disgusted in most J2EE implementations. I really hope
twisted is not going to enforce this.


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