CVS Tag (was Re: [Twisted-Python] PATCH: doc/historic/index.html reality link)

Lee Harr missive at
Tue Jun 24 17:36:42 EDT 2003

> > I think that patch I sent in may have had line-wrap problems...
> > I updated and the link to the reality doc is still off by one.
>Hmm, I did an update on a separate machine and it looks ok from here:

>This is version 1.5 of doc/historic/index.html .. is that the same version
>you're seeing?
>  -Brian

Wow, I am really glad I looked in to this....   Looks like my cvs copy was
set to use a tag from 2 weeks ago (June 10? -- D2003.
Not sure how it got that way (bit of a cvs newbie  :o)

I used
cvs update -r HEAD -d -P
and now when I look in the CVS/Tag files it shows

Is that the correct one?   Can I now just
cvs update -d -P
to continue getting the latest revisions?

Thanks for your time.

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