[Twisted-Python] To twisted.web beginners: don't use RPYs

Itamar Shtull-Trauring itamar at itamarst.org
Mon Jun 23 18:43:16 EDT 2003

On 23 Jun 2003 16:58:44 -0400
Abe Fettig <abe at fettig.net> wrote:

> On Mon, 2003-06-23 at 16:33, Itamar Shtull-Trauring wrote:
> > app.listenTCP is going to be deprecated, not reactor.listenTCP. And
> > yes, app.listenTCP is a bad idea.
> Well, then, in the spirit of Twisted Best Practices, what is the
> preferred way to listen on a port within the context of an
> application?

At the moment, there isn't really. So using it is fine. There will be a
better, cleaner, easier to understand solution once someone gets around
to implementing it. See moshez's TCPListenerService in the mailing list
archive for a sketch of how that's going to look.

Meanwhile, feel free to use app.listenTCP, it's always going to keep on

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