[Twisted-Python] Patch for twisted.protocols.nntp

Matthias Urlichs smurf at smurf.noris.de
Sun Jun 22 11:14:24 EDT 2003

Since "suck" doesn't work for me for a variety of reasons, I decided to 
replace it with a solution based on twisted.protocol.nntp. After a few hours 
of hacking, I now have a nice program which nicely saturates my downlink 
bandwidth. ;-)

To make a long story short, the attached patch implements the changes and 
fixes I needed to actually get there.

The "Allow the article text to be a callable or deferred" change implements 
the common situation where I ask server B whether it would like to be fed 
article X before actually pulling that article from server A, and/or where 
the pull is still in progress.

There is one somewhat- incompatible change here, in that I return the GROUP 
results (article count, high and low numbers) as integers, not as text. In 
practice they're going to be int()ized anyway, so this should not be a 

# twisted/protocols/nntp.py
#     Fixes for news gateways / 'suck'-style operation / INN as server:
#     - The client uses \n and does NOT esacpe start-of-line dots.
#       The server uses \r\n and escapes dots ONCE, not twice (ouch).
#     - POST temporarily blocks streaming. Make sure this is observed,
#       pass a Deferred out for clients to restart themselves with
#     - Add a command to allow MODE READER
#     - Allow bare reply numbers without text
#     - Allow the article text to be a callable or a deferred
#     - use CHECK/TAKETHIS if there's a message ID
#     - return group article numbers (GROUP reply) as numbers
#     - Clean up article linefeed handling
# twisted/test/test_nntp.py
#     Make sure that dot escapes are passed cleanly.
#     Make sure that no empty lines are added at the end.
#     Use the unittest object for checking.
#     Use client-side line endings for the client,
#       assume that the server side is transparent.
#     Make sure that the test doesn't just peter out halfway through.
#     Remove the commented-out iterate() calls.
#       loopback() already does the work for us.

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