[Twisted-Python] A fake SMTP server

Grzegorz Adam Hankiewicz gradha at efaber.net
Fri Jun 20 03:21:53 EDT 2003

On 2003-06-19, Christopher Armstrong <radix at twistedmatrix.com> wrote:
> >  http://gradha.sdf-eu.org/program/fake_SMTP_server-0.1.0.tar.gz
> This would be great to have in doc/examples. Would you be willing to
> consign copyright to glyph and contribute fake_SMTP_server.py?

Never done such a thing. Does it hurt? Or involve greedy lawyers? As
far as I'm concerned, you can have this same version as public
domain to do what you want with it, my employer is not SCO. In fact,
after stripping the user interface you have a 20 lines server class,
and looks like Andrew would like to rewrite them anyway...

On 2003-06-20, Andrew Bennetts <andrew-twisted at puzzling.org> wrote:
> If you do, then I'll gladly spend a little bit of time to make
> it slightly more idiomatic, i.e. use twisted.python.usage rather
> than getopt, and probably make it work with twistd -y.
> Actually, it may even be an idea to have both the "before" and
> "after" to help demonstrate how easy it is to use twistd ;)

That would be very nice, even though it was my first time and
felt quite easy to write. I guess packaging took more time than
development. If you want to know, long distance improvements I had
planned for this are making the server autonomous, with clients
being able to connect to it through telnet to read the mail activity.

And after that, just for the sake of it, implement a little web
server to have a nice user interface ala hotmail, where sent mails
would be logged and available for x time. Now emails are forgotten
as soon as they come, and its difficult to read them when you send
many at once.

But since it does now the important feature (help debugging mails),
I'm unlikely to continue improving it, and least in work time.

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