[Twisted-Python] Default location for templates of .rpy's

Mukhsein Johari arashi1 at pd.jaring.my
Thu Jun 12 08:29:18 EDT 2003

Hello all, 

I've been playing with twisted.web stuff and I've come across an puzzle. When 
you're using web.static.File to 'serve' directories (using a custom 
webserver), and there are .rpy files you want to use in the directory tree, 
it seems necessary include the templateDirectory:

resource = page.Page("Hello World!", templateFile = "index.xhtml", \ 
templateDirectory = os.path.split(__file__)[0])

in the .rpy you use even when the template file is in the very same directory 
as the .rpy file. Otherwise twisted complains about file not found. Why is 
that? Isn't the same directory as the .rpy be a safe default to search first?
It just seems like making things more complicated than necessary.

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