[Twisted-Python] Re: Concern over "relentless hyping" (was Twisted - howto transport megabytes?)

Van Gale news at exultants.org
Sun Jun 8 17:58:59 EDT 2003

Peter Hansen wrote:
> I received the following message in private (I assume) email after
> my last post to the newsgroup.  Comments are welcome, preferably
> public ones (merely because I consider private discussions about
> this kind of thing to be a severe waste of my limited time).
> Am I over-hyping Twisted?  Am I over-publicizing my satisfaction?
> Is anyone over-hyping it?  Is there a maximum acceptable target level 
> of hype?

I'm not sure why someone would send such a message.  Clearly "word of 
mouth" is the best marketing for open-source projects.  On top of that I 
don't want to invest time learning and using a major framework unless I 
know it's going to be around a while and has support.  An active 
community that can respond in mailing lists and newsgroups sends a 
signal, to me at least, that the project is serious and I won't be left 
hung out to dry.

Having said that, at some point a project probably gains enough momentum 
that it no longer needs evangelists.  Twisted *might* be at this stage 
as evidenced by newbish type questions appearing on c.l.py recently, but 
just answering those questions in a simple, straightforward way is great 
marketing in itself.

Van Gale

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