[Twisted-Python] Switch to a different uid/gid after binding reserved ports

Richard Townsend richard at starfighter.freeuk.com
Sun Jun 8 06:10:00 EDT 2003

The Twisted docs state that an Application object "can switch to a different
uid/gid after binding reserved ports".

I have recently been experimenting with a simple app that creates a
server.Site object and an app.Application() object and calls the latter's
listenTCP() method.

I want it to listen on reserved port 80, and then switch to a different
uid/gid but it's not clear to me how to do this. Could someone please
explain what the necessary steps should be?

(Note: I can't use twistd because it would not compatible with our system

Python 2.2 on HP-UX11i & Linux

best regards,

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