[Twisted-Python] twisted newbie question about woven and model

Mario Ruggier mario at ruggier.org
Thu Jun 5 03:18:54 EDT 2003

> On Wed, 2003-06-04 at 09:43, Philippe Lafoucrière wrote:
>> Hum
>> I get an exception when I use object/title
>> exceptions.Exception: Node had a model=object/title attribute, but the
>> submodel was not found in [<twisted.web.woven.model.Wrapper instance 
>> at
>> 0x843be3c: wrapped data: <ObjectManager instance at 0x8a24b5c>>].
>> (with model = object)
> Someone can help me ?? this still doesn't work !

I'm a newbie myself... might this have something to do with the Wrapper
you are using? Have you tried using the provided generic object wrapper?

from twisted.web.woven import model, interfaces
components.registerAdapter(model.ObjectWrapper, myObject, 


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