[Twisted-Python] ReverseProxy performance??

Lance Kurisaki lkurisaki at ambiron.net
Wed Jun 4 15:39:12 EDT 2003

Since no one else has responded, I'll give it a shot...

>Does anyone have figures about the performance of ReverseProxy?
I have not done (or seen) any performance evaluation of the

>How many connections can it handle simultaneously.

>Does it support SSL?
>Can it terminate an SSL-tunnel and forward the request unencrypted?
Yes, that's how I'm using it. I want an SSL reverse proxy in front of a
Zope server and don't want something as heavy as Apache or Squid. My
application doesn't expect to be heavily loaded, so performance is not a
critical issue for me.

Check out the example echoserv_ssl.py for how to set up an SSL server.
It's very simple. Just apply that to the proxy.py example.

I'm making some changes to the ReverseProxyResource class to make it a
bit more efficient (less object creation per request), but it's not
finished yet...

>How does it compare to other reverse-proxies with respect to
>Is there a performance difference when running it on Linux or Windows 
>(same hardware of course).
Can't answer these, either.


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