[Twisted-Python] ReverseProxy performance??

Rudy Schockaert rudy.schockaert at pandora.be
Tue Jun 3 04:41:52 EDT 2003


The very proof that I'm a total Twisted newby is the fact I didn't know 
of a ReverseProxy product in it. So, please bear with me if I ask for 
the obvious. I'm still trying to find my way around the huge amount of 

Does anyone have figures about the performance of ReverseProxy?
How many connections can it handle simultaneously.
Does it support SSL?
Can it terminate an SSL-tunnel and forward the request unencrypted?
How does it compare to other reverse-proxies with respect to performance.
Is there a performance difference when running it on Linux or Windows 
(same hardware of course).

If I can come up with real data I'd maybe able to convince my colleagues 
at work to start using it.

Thanks in advance,


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