[Twisted-Python] woven not replacing model/view tags

Justin Johnson justinjohnson at fastmail.fm
Tue Jul 22 09:11:27 EDT 2003


I'm trying out woven, but my tags that include model and view attributes
aren't being replaced as I would expect them to.  I've attached index.rpy
and index.html, which are the only files from the code that are being
used at this point.  I'm running them with the following...

mktap web --path C:\share\woven\site
twistd -nf web.tap

It starts up fine and renders the html of index.html just fine, but my
tags are replaced, and the title is set to the actual tag (i.e.
everything I placed between <title> and </title>.

Anybody see what I'm doing wrong?

Thanks much.
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