[Twisted-Python] Mail Server

David A. Leedom daleedom at hightowergroup.com
Mon Jul 21 13:13:13 EDT 2003

I am new to Twisted Matrix.

I am trying to setup an mail system that will use a database as the 
datastore for emails, domains and user access (both pop3/imap and stmp).

What I am looking for is a code snipit example of how to setup a POP3 and 
SMTP server using frame work without using the TAP utility.

I figure once I have this example then I can begin to understand the 
documentation better.  There is something missing in the explanation of how 
things work.  It just goes over my head.

Thanks You,

Dave Leedom

The Hightower Group, Inc.
Information Technology Consulting

165 West Airport Road/Lititz, PA 17543
V:717-560-4002, 877-560-4002 x: 114
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