[Twisted-Python] help, my woven web app won't work on win32 but will on linux!

Oisin Mulvihill oisin at enginesofcreation.ie
Fri Jul 18 07:27:24 EDT 2003


I've produced a small model of my program which hightlights
the problem I'm having. Attached are two files main.py and
index.rpy. To run the web app run main and make sure index.rpy
is in the same directory. Then point your web browser to

On linux I can click on the web buttons and the app works
fine. One windows (I'm using win2k) I simply get
"No Such Resource, File not found".

The button press issues a post and this shows up as the url

When you look at the MyPage class in index.rpy I have a
wchild_control method. This method is called on linux and
I then process the request and take the required action.

On windows the wchild_control method does not appear to be
called at all and I don't know why.

Can anyone shed any light on this problem?


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