[Twisted-Python] How Twisted is This?

Matthias Urlichs smurf at smurf.noris.de
Thu Jul 17 06:40:32 EDT 2003

Hi, Brad Bollenbach wrote:

> Because it's known that monitors can be run at either 5 or 15 minute
> intervals. To wake up every five minutes is the simplest.

... unless you want, two years from now, to scan a service every five
seconds (bonus points: with exponential back-off) because you have a
fickle customer who needs that sort of reassurance.

Besides, if the jobs all have their own timing mechanism you can spread
them over your five-minute interval. You can also a small random offset to
each timeout, which means that you won't have problems with load spikes
every five minutes which might skew your answer time statistics. Not to
mention that a mostly-idle background job will mostly stay in memory,
while one which sleeps for five minutes may well be swapped out by the
time it runs again.

> In any case, this is just an implementation detail, outside the point of
> whether or not Twisted is what I'm looking for to minimize the amount of
> time and effort needed to getting a running, sellable system.

I respectfully disagree. It's a case of "use the framework the way it's
intended", which is a skill you'll need in other areas too.

YMMV, but that is very much my experience, with Twisted in particular.

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