[Twisted-Python] How Twisted is This?

Brad Bollenbach brad at bbnet.ca
Wed Jul 16 11:25:20 EDT 2003


I'm evaluating Twisted for the networking component of a web server
monitoring service. Eventually, this service will support monitoring
pretty much any TCP-enabled device. 

I want to figure out whether Twisted is applicable to my problem.

This web monitoring system will be:

* branded for the company I work for 

* multiuser 

* offer various ways of verifying the uptime and integrity of content on
a site:

    i. Can I open an HTTP connection to this site?
    ii. Is "foo bar" present on the page that I've retrieved?
    iii. Is the page I've retrieved the same size as it was before?
    iv. Is Basic Auth still working with this username/password? (for
    pages that do Basic Auth, of course :)

...and so forth.

So, my main use case (possibly) relevant to Twisted would be:

I write a "monicron". monicron wakes up every five minutes and asks the
system "are there any monitors that need to be performed right now?" The
answer will either be "Yes, here's the monitors that need to be
performed right now" or "No".

If No, monicron will just go back to bed for another five minutes.

If the answer is Yes monicron will gather the monitors that need to be
run, and execute the all at once -- asyncronously. It would then need to
collect the results of all the monitors, and once they've all reported
back for a given site, send an error report if something went wrong.

1. Does this sound Twisted?

2. If Yes, where should I start looking for the bits of the framework
that will make my task as easy as possible?

Brad Bollenbach

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