[Twisted-Python] IMAP BODYSTRUCTURE format & the email.Messages

Anders Hammarquist iko at cd.chalmers.se
Tue Jul 15 08:42:56 EDT 2003

In a message of Fri, 11 Jul 2003 18:14:07 +1200, "Tony Meyer" writes:
>Does anyone know of existing code to convert/format/flatten an email.Message
>into the correct format for IMAP's BODYSTRUCTURE request?  (it basically
>breaks down all the MIME parts of the message).  It can use twisted or
>imaplib, or neither, I don't care.

This is intended to be used from Twisted's imap server, but can probably
be adapted to other uses. It probably doesn't work out-of-the box (as I've
adapted it from a larger piece of code, and it's not a runnable example),
but it does produce something at least resembling what the RFC says it
should look like. Usage: You call getBody() from within IMailbox.fetch(),
setting ext to True if it is a BODYSTRUCTURE fetch. (self is a private
Message-type class, not the IMailbox, though it could probably be.)

Enjoy (and please let me know of any bugs in it).


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