[Twisted-Python] Woven and deferred models

Donovan Preston dp at twistedmatrix.com
Mon Jul 14 20:39:52 EDT 2003

On Monday, July 14, 2003, at 8:51AM, Rich Cavanaugh wrote:

> I spent some time in #twisted this weekend looking for a solution to 
> this and got some very helpful advice from phed and radix but no real 
> solution to what looks like a bug.
> The attached rpy is an example of what I'm trying to do. As is woven 
> doesn't even touch the child nodes of my model="main" tag. Add 
> view="None" and it at least gives me a trace-back on model="name" 
> which is a step beyond not touching it at all.

The solution is to use view="Widget" instead of view="None", which maps 
to DefaultWidget, which does nothing at all. Widget at least has a 
minimal amount of code, including the Deferred-model handling code. I 
will try to fix DefaultWidget so that people are not surprised by 
things like this any more.

> If anyone has a better approach to this problem I'd appreciate the 
> input. Basically I have some models that will take some time to fully 
> initialize due to lots of database activity. The sub-models need all 
> of this data in place. I'm trying to find a way to fully initialize a 
> model before woven continues on to it's sub-models.

This is exactly what Deferred-Model handling was written for, so you 
are doing it "correctly" :-)

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