[Twisted-Python] Is it just me ....

Rita Díaz y/o Rodrigo Benenson rdrb at 123.cl
Thu Jul 10 12:44:00 EDT 2003

I would like to say that I found the Twisted Documentation Excellent because
it is extensive, detailled, with toy code examples and step by step. It is a
lot of reading but after it you got the picture and the feelling about how
to use Twisted.
This was my impresion, and it was usefull for me; I'm develloping a
collaborative outlined text editor, and Twisted support has bee fundamental.
So I would point that the documentation style is a Plus for Twisted.

There are clear problems on the documentation updating delays, specially
Woven has some sections unfilled from various month (Guard, LivePage). Also
the list posted a change on cred but I still not viewing differences on the
web docs. Having a good doc is fine, but unusefull if it is not up to date.

So I propose to first update the docs before creating toy apps. I think,
like some of you, that the examples will come with the time as Twisted
become more and more popular (ActiveStateAwards, various webpublications,
usages in more and more comunities).

Proposal of an interesant example (I did not look it in detail but is a
potential use-everything example) http://www.fettig.net/projects/hep/

Now, on another hand, I'm a little worried about the workflow of Twisted. As
they don't use SourceForge, and I don't see any project manager software I
suppose that devellopment is driven by less than 10 people coordinating
between them via this list and by IRC. This can work fine for you
(devellopers) but does not help to have an active comunity (if you are
consultant, deploying a user comunity is one of your interests, right?).

So I propose, better than using Plone (yerk...), to define the requirements
about what could be usefull to be show to the comunity and devellop or reuse
the required code (integrating where necesarry into the TwistedWeb, not
replacing the twisted web).
The obvious first are:
- An online todo list
- A feature request space
- A bug tracker

This is extra simple to do (issues + a wiki) and could help a lot.

I hope this could help to do a better Twisted.

Twisted is great an give network software tools at a previously unknown
ratio of power vs simplicity.


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