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Moshe Zadka m at moshez.org
Thu Jul 10 08:28:45 EDT 2003

On Thu, 10 Jul 2003, Neil Blakey-Milner <nbm at mithrandr.moria.org> wrote:

> Stikiwiki (which I've mentioned here before) is at
> http://mithrandr.moria.org/code/stikiwiki/ and is a pretty featureless
> Wiki-alike that uses docutils for backing format in a cog database.  I'd
> be really interested in how Woven can work for me, especially refreshing
> content after a POST that changes the content and/or doing a redirect
> and so forth.  An example of newcred/woven.guard working against a
> simple "user: password" style file or a simple "user":"password"
> dictionary (ie, dealing with the perspective without storing perspective
> information in the authentication backend) would be very useful to
> people wanting to authenticate against existing databases or libraries
> (like vpopmail).

I can't critique most of the Woven stuff in Stikiwiki, nor the user model,
but I will not avoid several comments:

It is better if StikiService had done all the creating a StikiSite work
in startService, added a method:

    def getResource(self):
        return ss

Then, a similar scheme to the one I detailed in my last mail with
multi-services would probably allow you to do something like:

s = getStikiService("/tmp/cog", "stiki")

etc. etc.
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