[Twisted-Python] New TwistedMatrix WebSite - wainting for comments

Philippe Lafoucrière lafou at wanadoo.fr
Wed Jul 9 15:55:05 EDT 2003

On Wed, 2003-07-09 at 21:28, Peter Herndon wrote:
> Philippe,
> > Yes, Plone is an Add on for Zope CMF. Maybe in the future some parts 
> > of the site would
> > use twisted products (still to define).
> Why do you believe we need the content management features of Plone?  
> What is your rationale?  And, perhaps more to the point, perhaps you 
> should consider rewriting the functionality using Twisted, if you deem 
> the features necessary.  After all, the Twisted website is the premier 
> working advertisement for the Twisted code, at least at the moment.  If 
> we don't eat our own dogfood, that will reflect very poorly on Twisted.

That's why I putted the logo twisted powered in footer. I'd love to see
some apps running on such website.

> Please understand, I am not trying to belittle Twisted in any way, but 
> the website is the one working example of Twisted that I know about.  
> In all the other cases listed under "Success Stories", Twisted is being 
> used in its role as framework-under-the-covers, and is not on public 
> display.  Having a public-accessible example of Twisted allows the 
> potential user to "kick the tires" before buying.

There's no -- known -- success story about twisted. I saw Issues, but
it's maybe the only plugin / product / app which is not deprecated.

You shouldn't forget that Twisted has not only developers, but USERS too
! The current website and mailing are designed for developers, not users
(which is a good starting point btw).

> Reinventing the wheel that is Plone is by no means a trivial task, yet 
> I believe that moving to a solution that is not powered by Twisted 
> would be a very bad move in terms of public relations.  Of course, 
> writing a bridge layer to make Plone run on top of Twisted would be 
> really cool, too.  Insane, maybe, but cool.  ;)

I agree, that would be great. Now, we don't have known products. Making
such a bridge would be too much efforts.

We really need some working exemple, some uptodate apps that show how to
use Twisted.

Plone would help us to set a dynamic community, and that the only point
I see. Twisted.web is not designed to make content management
applications, so please let zope and plone do their job.

> For what it might be worth, I would suggest using Twisted in all areas 
> that you possibly can.  For instance, Twisted has an NNTP server.  So, 
> why aren't we (or are we, I don't know?) mirroring this mailing list as 
> a newsgroup?  Stuff like this provides great advertising opportunities.

Would be a good idea. New users don't use the mailing list just to give
twisted a shot. They are often disappointed by the lack of uptodate docs
and exemples.

(sorry for my english)

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