[Twisted-Python] New TwistedMatrix WebSite - wainting for comments

Peter Herndon tpherndon at mindspring.com
Wed Jul 9 15:28:12 EDT 2003


> Yes, Plone is an Add on for Zope CMF. Maybe in the future some parts 
> of the site would
> use twisted products (still to define).

Why do you believe we need the content management features of Plone?  
What is your rationale?  And, perhaps more to the point, perhaps you 
should consider rewriting the functionality using Twisted, if you deem 
the features necessary.  After all, the Twisted website is the premier 
working advertisement for the Twisted code, at least at the moment.  If 
we don't eat our own dogfood, that will reflect very poorly on Twisted.

Please understand, I am not trying to belittle Twisted in any way, but 
the website is the one working example of Twisted that I know about.  
In all the other cases listed under "Success Stories", Twisted is being 
used in its role as framework-under-the-covers, and is not on public 
display.  Having a public-accessible example of Twisted allows the 
potential user to "kick the tires" before buying.

Reinventing the wheel that is Plone is by no means a trivial task, yet 
I believe that moving to a solution that is not powered by Twisted 
would be a very bad move in terms of public relations.  Of course, 
writing a bridge layer to make Plone run on top of Twisted would be 
really cool, too.  Insane, maybe, but cool.  ;)

For what it might be worth, I would suggest using Twisted in all areas 
that you possibly can.  For instance, Twisted has an NNTP server.  So, 
why aren't we (or are we, I don't know?) mirroring this mailing list as 
a newsgroup?  Stuff like this provides great advertising opportunities.

Thoughts, anyone?

---Peter Herndon

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