[Twisted-Python] Does anybody have a working project ...

Donovan Preston dp at twistedmatrix.com
Fri Jul 4 16:48:39 EDT 2003

On Friday, July 4, 2003, at 1:00AM, Philippe Lafoucrière wrote:

> Hello all
> I think woven is getting more mature now, but it lacks some important
> documentation parts (guard, sessions, etc.).

Up until today I had not taken the time to actually read and use 
t.w.woven.guard to the point where I understood how it is supposed to 
work. Now that I am starting to use it more, I will be going through 
and cleaning up the code, and I will try to find time to write 
documentation while I do so.

> Moreover, maybe woven needs now a community site like www.zope.org. It 
> would be interresting
> to share some little apps arround woven, that can be used as modules 
> in other applications.
> MVC allows us to do that, let's use it !

I would like to take this time to extend an invitation/challenge to 
anyone who has written a set of widgets which they feel is general 
enough to be reusable to submit them for inclusion in 

So far, I have hesitated to add things to the basic library because I 
have not taken the time to make a Widget generic enough to be usefully 
reused. The most successful generic widget so far has been List, which 
in my opinion is quite well written thanks to the useful addition of 
listHeader, listFooter, and emptyList patterns by Bruce.

The next thing I am planning on adding to widgets is a List Batcher. 
The list batcher will be a combination of Widgets and Controllers which 
can be used to show any list of items in groups, or batches, of 
arbitrary size. The controllers will allow user input to change the 
display of the batch by moving forward and back, changing the number of 
items shown, etc.

Another Widget that would be useful would be a dictionary widget which 
would render a dictionary in a table with headers at the top. The 
problem here is getting the semantics right so that you can usefully 
specify patterns in the template to change the look and layout of the 

Anyway, I'm glad to see more discussion about woven widgets. It has 
always been my intention to have a useful library of default widgets 
available in widgets.py.


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