[Twisted-Python] Does anybody have a working project ...

Thomas Weholt 2002 at weholt.org
Fri Jul 4 12:31:21 EDT 2003

Ok, so it's not a good reference project for a beginner. You say
twisted.web.widgets are deprecated, that would of course include
twisted.web.widgets.Form ? Are there still any component-like way to create
forms and parse posted input in Twisted ( assuming that's what the code
does ) ? How can one use a similar code in Woven?

My reason for asking is that I got a old piece of code which generates forms
in similar manner as you did in Bannerfish and parses posted data into
good-ol' Python values. If Twisted allready includes something similar
that's another old, non-Twisted-standardized piece of code I can ditch. Form
generation and handling of posted data is vital to my project. Writing <form
action=""> .... <input ...> etc. is not acceptable. And in my existing
solution I also got some client-side validation which nice :-)


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> On 4 Jul 2003 08:49:50 -0000
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> > Did you try looking at bannerfish?
> It uses twisted.web.widgets - please don't use it as an example, since
> that code is waaaaay deprecated.
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