[Twisted-Python] minor beginner questions

Achim Domma (ProCoders) domma at procoders.net
Fri Jul 4 10:13:54 EDT 2003


playing around with twisted.web, I have some minor questions:

- In another message a function 'deferToThread' was mentioned. I tought that
somethink like must be available in twisted but could not find it. Is there
an example on how to use it?

- Is it possible to create resources in my startup script, where I create my
application. Instead of having a simple *.rpy with
resouce=SomeClassInstance() I would like to use addChild on the root of my
app. Is that possible?

- If I want to keep a Connection to a ZODB, should I store it in the
registry or is there a besser place to store it?


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