[Twisted-Python] Does anybody have a working project ...

Thomas Weholt 2002 at weholt.org
Thu Jul 3 18:59:09 EDT 2003

I could take a peek at? Hopefully, something simple. I'm currently trying to
get a grip on how to build a site using Twisted methods and use Issues Alpha
1 as a foundation for that. But there are too many things going on and it's
hard to get a hang of why things are done they way they are.

What I need is something that :

1. don't use rpys, but Site and Application
2. starts a service which holds some persistent data and does a scheduled
call to a long-running, blocking method once a while
3. implements some kind of authentication
4. use Woven
5. hopefully has some way of keeping the same design for all it's pages,
using a master template and populating it with data at run-time or something
6. it would be nice if it also showed how to dynamically add pages
subclassing Woven.Page using putChild if these pages was in a given folder.

Demanding request? Sorry, but I got a bunch of working, yet blocking and
non-Twisted-friendly code lying around which could be of interest to people
if I just got the basics working.

Any kind of help would be nice.

In advance, thanks a bunch.

Best regards,

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