[Twisted-Python] Can I use twisted for this

Pink Floyd wavy2gravy at yahoo.com
Thu Jan 30 10:51:12 EST 2003

  I have a "daemon" that is written in python (with
some C extensions). The characterstics are:
  . A infinite loop, and in each cycle of the loop
there is some processing going on.
  . During the processing, (everything else is
blocked) so that she can do things uninterrupted.

 This is already a functional application. Coming to
my question, currently I would like to provide it with
a administrative interface that can be controlled over
the network. In short, I would like it to be also:
  a) network daemon
  b) a very simple challenge/response type protocol to
control the behaviour of the daemon.

 Obviously, "twisted" on the surface looked to be a
very good candidate to get this up quickly. Since, I
would be using a "reactor" interface, do I have to
create my own "reactor" by subclassing say the TCP
interface. Or, is there a easy way to integrate the
reactor loop (.run()) with my loop?


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