[Twisted-Python] Re: ZEO/Twisted?

Mike Thompson mike.thompson at day8.com.au
Sun Jan 19 18:21:27 EST 2003

> I'm considering using ZEO/ZODB to backend a Twisted server.  I.e. as
> transactions arrive at the server, they are stored thru ZEO into a ZODB
> database.

> Is this combination (ZEO/Twisted) known to work/not-work?  Any
> appreciated.

> Yours drowning in technology,
> Mike.

Okay. I think I've answered my question. I've found this Feb-'02 post in the
Zope3-dev archives ...


Seems to say that Twisted and ZEO do not mix.  $@#$!@*

This post is almost a year old, so I'm wondering if anything has anything
happened since it was written. Has the release of Standalone ZODB prompted
something, said he hopefully.

Is the potentially blocking nature of "ZEO commits" the problem?  Or is the
handling of the "ZEO cache invalidation", er, messages? Or is it something
else entirely?


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