[Twisted-Python] Debian Package Breakage

Moshe Zadka twisted at moshez.org
Fri Jan 17 05:16:17 EST 2003

Dear Twisted Developers,

Concern has been expressed why the Debian build process is so easy to break.
I will try to address this concern here, but first let me reiterate my
request: please, let me or the list know *in advance* of any change which
might break the package build. If there is any doubt, an e-mail to the t-p
list is better than breakage. Because the Debian package build is a part
of the release procedure, breaking it means achieving a non-releasable state,
something I'm sure none of us want.

Now, to address the heart of the matter. The Debian package build breaks
whenever it encounters something it doesn't expect. The alternatives are
usually to overinculde or to underinclude. If I were to choose either of them,
I run the risk of producing suboptimal packages. If I refuse the temptation
to guess, I make sure that I have to fix it.

Don't treat the possible breakage as *bad* per-se: just think of it as another
good reason to discuss possible changes here before doing them, in the case
where it might cause problems.

Thanks in advance,
Moshe Zadka

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