[Twisted-Python] Woven

Xavier Antoviaque xavier at plebia.org
Tue Jan 14 14:23:14 EST 2003

Hello all,

I have spent most of the day looking at the documentation of Twisted,
and I am quite impressed. What a wonderful toy ! It is like Christmas a
second time in the year. Congratulations to you happy hackers, you have
accomplished a tremendous job.

However, I have a question regarding Woven; as the howto ends quite
abruptly, I have tried to figure out how I could build a web interface I
planned to develop in a more usual way. But I quickly became puzzled by
the lack of examples, and a quick look on the sources only helped a bit.

Is Woven usable at this state ? This question is based on a limitation I
encountered while trying to make the menu of my interface : I could not
find a way to build a link (Anchor) with a text different from the href
parameter. I found a message from Donovan Preston in this list's
.html) stating that it was not possible with the actual Anchor widget. I
would have the option to write a subclass of Anchor implementing what I
need, but finding such a limitation on the first widget I look at is
disturbing. :-)

If Woven is usable, can you point some examples of realizations using
it, and/or some good example sources to get started ?

Thank you !


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