[Twisted-Python] Writing Unittests for Twisted Applications

Bernhard Herzog bh at intevation.de
Tue Jan 7 06:11:45 EST 2003

I wanted to get back to this sooner, but another project and
xmas+newyear intervened...

Moshe Zadka <m at moshez.org> writes:

> Hi Bernhard!

Hi Moshe!

> Glad to see you're using Twisted.

The decision to use Twisted was easy because 

a) I've met at least two of the Twisted developers so I know it's in
good hands :),

b) I've used asyncore in a different project and after a while I was
itching to do a substantial rewrite of asyncore, and

c) That other project's infrastructure was evolving in the direction of
twisted in some aspects

> > If there's interest in including my test case base class in twisted I
> > could make it available sooner and under LGPL.

The test base class is finally publically available inder GPL for now:

It's actually two mix-in classes to unittest.TestCase like test cases.
> FYI: Twisted patches must also be copyrighted by Glyph.

I'd have to clarify that with my employer, but that shouldn't be a
problem, as we regularly contribute back to Free Software packages we
use if we have something worthwhile to contribute.


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