[Twisted-Python] Trial - A replacement for pyunit.

Jonathan Lange jml at mumak.net
Fri Jan 3 07:35:50 EST 2003

Announcing "Trial".

In the spirit of "We Invented NIH", Twisted Matrix Labs bring you a
replacement for your favourite unit test framework.

So what's my excuse?

Twisted has already forked pyunit, so in a sense this is nothing new.
However, changes made to that forked code-base aren't really that useful
to any of our users. To get any of our added value, they'd have to use
their own fork of pyunit. Re-writing it gets rid of any nasty copyright

Asynchronous unit tests are a challenge. The DeferredTestCase stuff in
pyunit.unittest is a start, but not enough. Hopefully, trial will make
it easier.

The tight coupling of runtests and test_all is kind of ugly. This is no
longer necessary in trial. 
  $ ./admin/runtests -t
is equivalent to 
  $ ./bin/trial -p twisted.test

Oh, I should mention that this wasn't my idea. It's all glyph's fault.
He made me do it.


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