[Twisted-Python] [OT] Make Python Faster

Jp Calderone exarkun at intarweb.us
Fri Feb 28 23:20:00 EST 2003

  Skip Montanaro has an xmlrpc server set up to collect information on
Python byte code occurrence frequencies.  With data from enough sources, some
useful information about optimizations that can be made to Python might be

  Attached is a patch that causes twistd to spill its guts onto his server
when it shuts down.  It requires an interpreter with sys.getdxp, which is
only available if Python is built with DYNAMIC_EXECUTION_PROFILE, and
optionally DXPAIRS, defined (it won't break anything if getdxp isn't
available, it just won't work).  There is an "email" field required, which I
have left as a generic string - please set it to an actual email by which
you can be contacted if you intend to use it.

  I don't propose this for inclusion with Twisted, but if anyone wants to
apply it to their local copy and run real apps with it, it would be helpful
to Python, and I'm sure Skip would appreciate the extra data points.

  For the record, I'm currently running my instances of Twisted.mail and
Twisted.names with this, and I'll probably set up my Pynfo bot to use it as


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